Swim In Our Sparking Clean and Calm Spring Fed Quarry

Safety First!

Throughout the season, Windmill Point Park provides several on duty lifeguards to ensure your swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving safety.

Snorkeling and Swimming Fun for Families

Keeping track of little ones can be hard at busy beaches. The Park’s sandy beach and temperate waters help to eliminate your worry about strong currents and undertows while also giving the family tranquil waters to snorkel in, build sandcastles around, or have a lazy float on a raft. Our quieter beach is a fantastic public beach alternative!

Although it is necessary to monitor your children at all times while near the water, lifejackets are provided at Windmill Point Park. We do insist that any non-swimmers and children be supervised when near the water.

Interested in our family-friendly quarry side summer events? Check out our Events page to learn more about our Fishing Derby, sandcastle competitions and more!

Scuba Diving

At Windmill Point Park, we take pride in sharing the beauty of our quarry with our visitors. As an added bonus, because our quarry is a self-contained body of water, you won’t have to worry about competing with undertows, strong currents or waves. When diving in our waters, you can expect to encounter everything from shiny trinkets, to fish, to mystery items. Please note that Windmill Point Park does not supply scuba equipment.

Daytime Diving

Those wishing to dive on their own during the day do not need to make a reservation. Please note that scuba enthusiasts must declare they are diving and must sign a dive waiver (with proof of P.A.D.I.) before diving. For everyone’s safety, divers must not dive alone.

Night Diving

Windmill Point Park quarry is the perfect scuba diving location for novice and experienced divers alike! Night-time dives are possible if arranged in advance. Night divers will have to check out before 11pm.

Group Diving or Instructor Diving

Group or Instructor lead dives must be arranged in advance. Large scuba groups or scuba instructors need to reserve a time slot 2-4 weeks prior to the dive date, confirm the number of divers/spectators expected and specify your time of arrival.

Please review and complete our Scuba Diving Waiver or our Dive Master/Instructor Waiver prior to your dive.


Windmill Point Park’s sparkling and calm quarry is the ideal alternative location to your backyard pool or a busy public beach. Unsurprising to those of us who’ve been to Windmill Point Park, the quarry delivers swimmers calm waters and a soft sandy beach to enjoy all day long.

What’s fun to do in the quarry?

  • We have a swimming platform and our new Splash Zone in the quarry!
  • Swimming races!
  • Diving contest!
  • Sandcastle building!
  • Bring your favourite water toy. NOTE: We do not permit any motorized toys that exceed speeds of 2km/hour.