Have some Fun in the Sun with your Children!

Windmill Point Park offers tons of water activities and park fun for kids including fishing, sandcastle building, snorkelling, swimming, and paddle boating.

There is a special section of the quarry where swimmers are able to safely wade out into the water.

Special Events

Every year Windmill Point Park host a variety of children events to help keep your kids having fun. To help your family create lasting memories, Windmill Point Park hosts an annual Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs fishing derby to kick off the summer, monthly arts and crafts activities, summer long wagon rides, Christmas in July, Halloween in August as well as ice cream socials and pizza parties.

Check out our Events page for more information on events and dates!

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Water Activities

While visiting Windmill Point Park, your kids can expect to have a variety of adventures. Things to do include:

  • Paddle boating is a great way to explore the lake with a sibling, a parent or a friend.
  • The Diving Pad is an awesome spot your kids can practice their cannonball skills, or have a dive or splash contest with their friends or siblings!
  • Our Sandy Beach is a great place to have a sandcastle building competition or a lunchtime picnic. Lounging and playing on the beach is always a great way for kids to have summer fun!
  • Fishing in the quarry is always exciting! On the outskirts of the quarry, we have small cliffs from which your kids can fish for bass or trout! Check out the events page for information on our annual Fishing Derby

Playground and Park

Windmill Point Park also has a playground for kids needing a break from swimming and a pet area for campers. Let your kids entertain themselves by playing fetch with the family dog or by swinging at the park!

Food & Drink

Creating nostalgic summer memories, Windmill Point Park has a small Snack Bar equipped to serve BBQ burgers, healthy wraps, popular poutine, cool slushy’s and other beach treats. Windmill Point Park also offers quarry side picnic tables in shaded and sunny areas to enjoy your hot dogs or packed picnic.

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