Join us at Windmill Point Park for some Summer Fun!

At Windmill Point Park you can do everything from paddle boating, to jogging, to diving for hidden quarry treasures!

Day Visits

Planning a short yet fun-filled day trip? Why not come to Windmill Point and enjoy our awesome beaches and mild waters? Check out our Day Visits page to see what the park can offer you!

Scubadiving, Snorkeling & Swimming

Why not have a little fun snorkeling with your kids or scuba diving with some friends? Check out our Scuba diving, Snorkeling and Swimming page for more information about our quarry water activities!

Children’s Activities

Have your kids in tow? No problem! Windmill Point Park’s children’s activities and special events keep even the most yawn-prone kids happy! Check out our Children’s Activities page for more details!

Campground Activities

Does a camping experience suit you better than busy days at the public beach? Windmill Point Park’s many campground activities, from sun bathing to bocce ball, are suited for all.

Local Attractions

The immediate local area hosts many festivals, historical excursions and musical entertainment. With Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake tourist areas just a short drive from the park, you and your family will be entertained all season long!