Frequently Asked Questions

For over 30 years, we’ve answered a lot of questions from our Guests.  We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.  If you can’t find your answers here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Q. What time is check-in and check-out?

    A. We would be happy to check you in anytime between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.!  Check out is anytime before 11 a.m.  If you want to enjoy the rest of the day at Windmill, the day that you are checking out, just pay the regular day admission fee per person and you are welcome to stay until 9 p.m.  We ask that you submit your camping wristband and camping permit and we’ll give you the day visitor wristband.

  • Q. Can I bring in my own firewood?

    A.  No.  To help in reducing the spread of invasive species that are threatening the trees in Ontario, we can no longer allow any  outside firewood to enter our Park.  For your convenience, we offer firewood for sale.  Please click here or here for more details.

  • Q. My kids would like to camp in a tent beside our RV while we’re there. Is this allowed?

    A.  Yes, your kids can have the fun of camping under the stars in a tent on your serviced site.  We allow one additional tent on our RV sites.

  • Q. Am I allowed to bring alcohol to the campground?

    A. If you are visiting us for the day, then as per Ontario law, you are not allowed to bring any alcohol.  If you are going to be camping overnight, or are a Seasonal Camper, then you can consume alcoholic beverages at your registered campsite but not in public areas.  We also cannot allow any glass bottles into our park for the safety of little bare feet (and big ones too!) that run around.

  • Q. How long can we swim in the quarry?

    A.  You can swim all day long as you’d like, between sunrise and sunset.  For your safety, we cannot allow anyone to swim at night.

  • Q. Can I bring my pets with me?

    A. Absolutely!  We welcome all friendly and well-behaved pets.  We have designated areas at the campground for camping with your pets.  If your pet enjoys a nice refreshing swim, we’ve also reserved a special area for them to swim. For the safety of your pet and the comfort of all of our Guests, we do require that you keep them on a short leash while on the property and of course, Stoop-N-Scoop is enforced!  Only guide dogs or service animals are permitted in the public buildings and areas.

  • Q. Can my kids spend the day at Windmill alone?

    A.  Kids, 15 years and under, can enjoy all of the facilities that Windmill has to offer for the day as long as they are with a parent or guardian. Kids between 16 and 17 years may need to have their parent or guardian leave their emergency contact information.

  • Q. Can my kids go camping there without me?

    A.  We encourage all kids to experience the joys of camping, with the supervision of their parent or guardian.  Kids, 17 and under, require their parent or legal guardian to camp with them.

  • Q. Why do I have to turn my radio off at 11 p.m.?

    A.  We try to be considerate to all our Guests and so our quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.  You can still use your radios, provided it cannot be heard outside of your trailer or tent.

  • Q. I need to leave the park for a short time. Can I get back in?

    A.  All you’ll need to get back in is to show us the the wristband we require you wear while at the campground.   Don’t worry if you’ve lost it or it is damaged.  Just visit us at Guest Services for a a new one.  A replacement fee may be charged.

  • Q. Do you offer any specials or coupons?

    A.  We have great deals for you all the time! If you want to enjoy our facilities regularly, we encourage you to become Seasonal Day Members.  For one low price, you can come into the park as often as you want, whenever you want, all season long!  Membership also has its privileges.  You get an additional 10% off of any retail purchases and overnight camping. Plus, our Seasonal Day Members don’t have to pay the Extended Day Fee when camping.  We can also offer you our Swimmer’s Club Card that gives 10 entries into the park for the price of only 9! Don’t forget to check out the specials page on our website regularly for any new promotions and specials.

Would you like to view the complete Rules? Please contact us at or call us at 905-894-2809