What Makes the Quarry so Awesome?

Windmill Point Park’s 45 acre property is home to a 12 acre quarry. Fed by natural spring waters, the quarry is known to reach temperatures of 82⁰ F. Windmill Point Park proudly maintains our quarry’s clear waters through regular maintenance. What is there to do at the quarry, you ask? Try your hand at:

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What Sets our Quarry Apart?

Although public beaches are great places to have some summer fun, Windmill Point Park’s quarry is a beach alternative. Our beach is free from debris, making them awesome to play in and around.

The bottom of the quarry is lined with sand and aquatic plant life. These plants provide oxygen and shelter for the variety of fish species that live in our quarry. Throughout the years, Windmill Point Park staff has placed some fun items on the bottom of the quarry for scuba divers and snorkellers to search and explore.

To ensue you get the most out of your day, Windmill Point Park provides great umbrella and natural shaded areas around our quarry. In fact, over the years, Windmill Point Park has planted over 200 trees to ensure our guests have mature tree growth to relax and cool-down under.

In addition to being crystal clear and moderate in temperature, our quarry is always clean. The water cleanliness is a result of natural filtration systems. Our water is checked weekly by the local health department to make sure you have safe swimming conditions.

Cool Quarry Facts

  • The quarry measures 12 acres
  • The quarry is 35 feet deep at its deepest point
  • The surrounding rocks are limestone
  • Our limestone acts as a natural solar blanket by heating the water
  • The beach is about 15 000 square feet
  • Water temperatures reach 82⁰ F
  • Swimmers and Scuba Divers create oxygen which feeds the quarry’s fish
  • The quarry fish eat the algae that would otherwise make the water opaque

Feel like a swim? Come by and join us today or learn more about our location!